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About Us
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Company Culture

KoalaLED dedicates to build an opening-minded culture, We believe that when employees are happy working here, Their contribution will be a lot more.

Innovation: Think unthinkable, Hear unhearable, We create things out of your imagination.


· LISTEN to customers, suppliers and employees to gain insight into how the company and products can be constantly improved and innovated.

· THINK about what it takes to further success and how to learn from mistakes.

· LEAD the company forward with vision to realize our goal of continuous improvement.

Customers: Service Oriented, Customer oriented, 24H x 7 online customer service, We always put the customer first. In order to demonstrate this commitment, we always strive to offer latest innovation, high quality products and on-time delivery.


  • Preventing defects from happening
  • Strict Processing control and Quality control make sure consistent high quality products delivered to customers.
  • Quality system integrity and execution are the targets of continuous improvement.
  • Appropriate employee training is essential to ensure superior quality.
  • Attention to detail is installed as a value in every employee so that quality becomes a matter of habit.
  • Corrective actions are taken and executed quickly to ensure the best results. Employees:

TRAINING of every aspect for each employee. Duty training, skill training, and quality consciousness are essential to the development of successful employees.

TEAMWORK is vital to the success of our company. We encourage brainstorming and believe when employees help each other, the company is strengthened and better solutions are found.

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